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It is better to be wrong than to be vague. In trial and error, the error is the true essential. – Freeman Dyson

Hi. I'm Robert. I like to blog about mathematics, unix and programming. At the moment, I'm employed as systems architect, devOp and consultant at a company for geoinformatics.

Shifted Mandelbrot

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It's a conformal distortion of the Mandelbrot set, twisted to the right while following the shape of its main cardioid. This can easily be achieved by transforming the Mandelbrot set into the 1/(λ1)1/(\lambda-1) plane, shifting upwards, and transforming back:

z14(11/(114z35i)2) z \rightarrow \frac{1}{4}(1-1/(\frac{1}{\sqrt{1-4z}}-35i)^2)

The image on the right has been twisted just a little, such that the period-3 bulb takes the place of the period-2 one. The key idea behind this is that inverting and squaring a circle touching the inversion circle gives a cardioid.

Technology behind this blog

Flamingo is a static site generator in the gist of jekyll or pelikan. It's also written in python, and somewhat simpler than than those two. I contributed some extensions, and you can view the source for my blog here.

Typesetting is done statically by KaTeX, which is much simpler than mathjax, even though that sometimes means that it doesn't support as many LaTeX features as the latter.

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